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Daniel Calhoun's and Sarah Floyd's Fundraiser

So, as many of you who will read this already know, Sarah and I have recently gotten engaged and  are following God’s calling on our life to move to Northwest Arkansas to pursue ministry. This journey we are embarking on is and has been WILD!  For more details on that journey,  you can checkout our blog at Part of this journey involves raising money, which is no easy task! We are believing that God is going to provide all the funds we need and that He will lead people to give. We are incredibly excited to see what God will do. Here is a short list of what your generous donations will provide.
- Heritage trip to Washington DC
- Mission trips to Brazil and Tanzania
- National missions trip (location tbd)
- 30 Masters level credit hours
- Living for 12 months
We appreciate whatever donations you can make; but more than that, we would appreciate your prayers. Thank you for reading this, and be sure to check out our blog for the full story as it unfolds!
With Love
- Dan and Sarah

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